Skyles Law Group, LLC

Skyles Law Group was founded in March 2011.  Recognizing the vast change the internet has made in the practice of law, Skyles Law Group was founded with the because of the internet, society has gone through more change in the past 20 years than any era in history.  The law, however, has not responded to meet those changes, and needs to adapt in a way that encourages economic and individual growth.

Areas of Practice include:

–          E-Commerce Law

–          Contracts and Licensing

–          Negligence

–          Defamation

–          Internet Domain Name Registration

–          EULA drafting

Other Non-Internet related areas include

–          Non-Profit

–          Business development

–          Wills and Trusts

–          General Practice

Skyles Law Group, LLC
119 S. Emerson St. #231
Mount Prospect, IL 60056

Phone: 847.721.7560
Fax: 847.749.3812



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